FAQ Adapt Watch Elite™

Q. Is the Adapt Watch Elite compatible with my phone?

The Adapt Watch Elite works with both iPhone and Android phones.  The app is available completely free on the app stores.

Q. Is the Adapt Watch Elite waterproof?

The Adapt Watch Elite™ has an IP67 water resistance rating. This means that it can handle rain, sweat, hand washing, and shower. It's suggested however to avoid taking the watch into a hot shower, steam room, sauna, and hot tubs.

Q. Can i use the Adapt Watch Elite™ without a phone?
Yes, but you functionality will be severely limited.  It is highly suggested that you pair it with your smartphone.

Q. How accurate are the heart health features?
The Adapt Watch Elite™ is as accurate as any other non-cuff-based smart watch when it comes to heart health. We advise purchasing a medical device over a smart watch if you intend to use it for medical purposes.

Q. Do you ship to my country?
Yes, we ship worldwide, please see Shipping and Delivery page.

Q. How big is the screen?
The Adapt Watch Elite™ has a 1.81 inch HD TFT display.

Q. Will the watch fit my wrist?
Yes, out watches are designed to fit anywhere from the smallest wrist to largest. It is highly unlikely that the Adapt Watch Elite™ won't fit your wrist.

Q. If there is an issue with my watch can i exchange it?
Yes, please just contact our friendly customer service within the first 30 days and we will gladly do whatever it takes to accommodate your needs.